Why Seafood Is A Smart Choice?

Eating seafood
30 Mar

As healthy trend goes viral, more and more people cares about their diet and daily nutrition. With a green healthy meal, your body is beneficial in many ways such as better skin, strong immune system, high-blood pressure prevention or obesity prevention. Besides vegetables and pure water which are advised to human body, most fish and seafood should be included in daily meal. Here are the reasons why you should eat more fish and seafood.


Omega is fatty acids which is proven to be essential fats for human body. Omega contributes to many human functions including creating body cells to maintain brain and nerve function. There are 2 types of good omega which are omega-3 and omega-6.

Omega-6 fats is mostly contained in vegetable oils which made from plants like sunflower, sesame or corn. However, too much omega-6 fats can promote inflammation in the body which then increase the risk of arthritis or asthma. On the other hand, omega-3 can help counter this effect from omega-6 fats.

Besides the counter benefit above, omega-3 fatty acids can enforce eyesight, be good for skin, boost brain function or reduce the risk of heart diseases by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol. Despite omega-3 fat plays important role in human functioning, we cannot produce omega-3 by ourselves, the only way is consuming it through food. And seafood is a natural source of omega-3. When you eat fish with high level of omega, you will receive a healthy no-sided effect dose of omega-3 for your precious body.

Salmon dish

And some fishes contain more omega-3 than other. Those having high level of omega-3 are called “fatty fish”. Below are some of well-known sources of omega-3 fatty acids:

  •             Salmon
  •             Trout
  •             Herring
  •             Albacore Tuna
  •             Mackerel
  •             Halibut
  •             Sardines
  •             Black Cod

Even though you will prefer those high in omega-3 fish, seafood in general also contains good levels of omega-3 as well. So make sure you include seafood in your daily meal.

Good Cholesterol

When we think about word “cholesterol”, we usually think it is bad. However, there are actually 2 types of cholesterol which are Low Density Lipids (LDL) and High Density Lipids (HDL). As we all know, individual with high level of cholesterol has higher risk of stroke or diabetes. When we get older, the metabolism is slow down and too much cholesterol can block your heart veins which is the main reason of stroke. Low Density Lipids is the bad one we are talking about, LDL can be found in food like bacon, muffins and egg yolks. And High Density Lipids (HDL) contained in fish, seafood, nuts or olives is essential for human body since it helps break down the LDL accumulated in blood veins and reduces the probability of cardiovascular illness.

High quality Protein Sources

Protein gives us energy in daily life and repair our body damage. Protein can come from many types of food such as meat, nuts or seafood. Although we are advised not to consume excessive protein and calories, but a fatty fish with high calories are still recommended. The reason is fatty fish contain mostly good fat which is unsaturated and non-trans fats. Seafood also does not have any carbohydrate which can cause blood glucose increasing. Therefore fish and seafood in general are high quality protein sources.

Free From Hormones, Antibiotics or Filler

Since human demand for food is increasing with the size of population, some has been driven with the benefit and started to fed hormones or antibiotics to meat and poultry sources. The manufacturing process also arise the concern of chemical filler using. These wrong doing can cause serious health issues like allergic reaction or immune system weakening. However, nurtured by mother of nature, seafood is practically free from those problems. Fresh seafood that is caught in the ocean can be a safe guarantee no-contamination food source.


Help In Type 2 Diabetes Treatment and Prevention

Many studies have shown the advantage of seafood in treatment for type 2 diabetes patients. Since seafood is low in bad fats and cholesterol with good lipids for metabolism, fish like salmon can help those are exposed to type 2 diabetes risks or its patients stay healthy and reduce the effect of the illness on people who is suffering.

Slow Cancer Growth and Reduce Cancer Risk

Since seafood have a healthy amount of omega-3 and High Density Lipids (HDL) which can reduce the inflammation in the body. Noted that inflammation can speed up the process of tumors growth which help cancer cells spread out the body. Therefore, eating seafood, especially those with high levels of omega-3 will keep healthy body from developing cancerous tumor. With cancer patients, including seafood in the meal can reduce the inflammation which help to stop the increasing cancerous cells, raise the survival chance and long-term remission.

Eating seafood

Reducing Depression

It is uncommon but a healthy balanced diet can help you relieve stress and depression. The reason is that depression is usually connected with unbalanced brain’s chemical and metal issues. Such like omega-3, our body cannot produce vitamin D by ourselves, so we only can absorb it through sun contact and food. The lack of this vital vitamin can lead to a disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in which patients feeling depressed or fatigued. Therefore, making sure you supply your body enough vitamin D by consuming food having this good micro supplement is important for depression prevention as well as brain activities. That is why seafood is highly recommended.

And Who Can Resist Delicious Dishes from Sea

Last but not least, the main reason for you to start eating seafood is that seafood has tastes from heaven! Why you still hesitate for such a healthy delicious dishes that not only can please your appetite but also enhance your body and health?

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