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Korission Lake is the largest lagoon in Corfu Island, Greece, part of a nature reserve with sand dunes, unique wild beaches, diverse plant and bird species.

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name » Limni Korission (phonetic) or λίμνη Κορισσίων (Greek), Korisson, Korrison, Korrision Korissa, Karissa (variation)

location » Ionian Sea, Corfu Island, Meliteieis and Korissia (municipal units), Corfu (municipality and peripheral unit), Greece

features » type: salty-water lagoon, coastal subsaline wetland; origin: artificial, formation: due to flooding of the pre-existing marshlands made by the Venetians in order to create salt pans; shape: prolonged with a larger part (southeast) and a narrower part (northwest), structure: enclosed with water exchange with the Ionian Sea at the mouth (southwest), borders: sea (southeast, southwest) with direct connection via a channel and indirect connection via sand dunes, land (northeast); status: Natura 2000 protected area, Quarry shelter (national and regional level), and natural reserve with embryonic shifting sand dunes and wildlife; class: the largest saline in the island; functions: ecosystem, fish-breeding farm, research field, area for outdoors activities (walking, relaxing, fishing, birdwatching, sunbathing, swimming); visitors: nature lovers, ornithologists, marine biologists, sunbathers

environment » wild, cultivated; formations: sand-rocky dunes and hills; beaches: Issos Beach, Chalikona Beach, Chalikounas Beach; no islands; nature: Mediterranean vegetation (herbaceous and bushy), brushwood, cedars, glasswort, junipers, lilies, olives, orchids, reed, salty-water thickets, vineyards, wild flowers, tiger moth, fish (crab, eel, gilt-head sea bream, mediterranean killifish or south european toothcarp, mullet, sea bass, shrimp, valencia toothcarp), lizards, snakes, caspian turtle or striped-neck terrapin, european pond turtle, hermann’s tortoise, birds (avifauna of 100-130 species: buntings, chaffinches, cormorants, curlews, finches, flamingos, flycatcher, grey herons, great white egrets, ibis, !naked birds, oyster catchers, purple herons, warblers, wheatears, widgeons, wild ducks)

about » panoramic view to the lagoon area and the open sea with the beaches and resorts in proximity is revealed from the top of the sand dunes; swimming and bathing in the lake is not recommended; the fish roe made from the mullet eggs that habitate the lake is an expensive wine appetizer considered delicacy; 1981, scene from “For Your Eyes Only”, the 12th Bond movie shot here where Milos Columbo’s girlfriend Lisl Baum, Countess von Schlaf is killed on these dunes by Emile Leopold Locque’s buggy while walking with James Bond on the beach in the morning after having spent the night together

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