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The Dream Hotel – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The eighth episode of The Dream Hotel TV Series takes place in the Emirates. The “Dream Hotel” location is Emirates Palace Hotel – Kempinski – Abu Dhabi. The original title is Das Traum Hotel – Dubai – Abu Dhabi.

The Dream Hotel – Dubai and Abu Dhabi Series Trailer


The Emirates – a perfect place to make money and spend the holidays. Markus Winter – manager of the Emirates Palace Hotel is awaiting a longtime friend – representative of a big tour operator who wants to inspect the hotel. But instead of the friend a new inspector arrives – Sarah whose opinions differ greatly from Markus’s ideas. Single mother Renate and her son Tobias have come here for a dream holiday as have many others. Anna meets her pen-pal Max and his friend Holger. Lutz makes friends with Tobias not knowing that the boy is his own. To reassure the inspector about the unique position of his hotel, Markus takes Sarah on several trips and his attempts succeed. Lutz accepts his new vow as a father, and Max and Holger stay friends despite their rivalry over Anna. In the end everyone is happy at the “Dream Hotel” – Emirates Palace.

Das Traum Hotel – Dubai – Abu Dhabi Trailer (German Version)


Emirates Palace Website

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